Women have been so boxed in with being honest with men with the fear of losing them

We try so hard to be Ms. Perfect in every aspect of our lives to try to prove to them that were the one

To be this positive patty 24/7 just to make us seem like such a delight

When the truth is we have bad days other than when were on our period

Yes, some of us do like watching love and hip hop because it’s entertaining and hilarious gossip for our girlfriends

Yes we pass gas and yes we take shits just like your funky ass

And just because we have vaginas does not mean we should have to hide it

I am no longer about to be looking crazy in the face because my stomach is bubbling and I’m trying to be cute and fart free

Hell no we won’t go ima let it loose say excuse me like a lady and keep it moving

See society has brainwashed us all that there is only one kind of a woman a man wants

A put together, saddity, cooking, cleaning, fucking machine

And the truth is we are NOT all like that

Not all woman want to shave their legs every two days

And cook you full course meals, and turn into Pinky every night

Some days I wanna order some take out and sit around in an over sized t-shirt and some b-ball shorts

With a glass of wine and just be chillin’ bruh man style

I learned a while ago that closed mouths don’t get fed

A voiceless veronica won’t have the kind of man or relationship she wants if you continue to be some robot and not yourself

Why change who you are to please someone else?

You try to be someone else for so long you’ll forget how amazing you really are

Being shy and giggly is cute on the first couple of dates

But after a while it’ll get awkward and he’ll want to know what kind of substance you really have

So the next time you’re sitting there looking star struck in the face smack yourself and shake yourself loose and just be…


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