Define the word QUEEN using 3 words. Humble, Confident, and Wise.

What do you love most about yourself? What I love most about myself is that with time and life’s lessons I have bloomed into the woman that I’ve always wanted to become.  Although I still have goals and dreams–I’m not perfect by any means, I am proud of all that I have accomplished at this point in my life.  Through the ups and downs of my life I have become more and more resilient, understanding that my hope and faith is in the Lord.

What motivates you do to your very best? First, my faith is my biggest motivator.  At the end of the day I answer to God and so I make it a priority to do my best in his sight.  Second, my family are my biggest motivators.  My parents have always encouraged me to strive for excellence.  I’ve always looked at them as such positive and strong examples individually and together as husband and wife.  They aren’t perfect but have very powerful life stories that makes me very proud of who they are.  Finally, I honestly have to say that I have created my own standards that motivate me more than ever to continue to pursue life goals.  Since I were a child I always had the vision to do and be something that was greater, so each day I motivate myself to push towards my best.

What do you believe is your purpose in life? I’m still in the process of figuring that out.  But what I do know right now is that right now I strive to be the best version of myself that I can be.  A woman I can be proud of and the best that I can be to myself and my family.  If that radiance sparks others to do good or strive to be better then that small seed planted is more than enough.

Tell us about a time you failed. How did you overcome it? I would say there were a few circumstances where I failed to make wiser decisions.  In a previous relationship, I did things that were out of my character to keep him around but it ended up back firing on me.  I had to let that go completely and even when I did, I wasn’t proud of my actions throughout the relationship or how I let one person who didn’t value much in life anyway, take me down to that level with him.  I failed in putting the relationship before anything else and compromising who I was because of what I thought I wanted in life.  It took a lot of prayer to overcome.  I’m a writer so I definitely wrote a lot as therapy when I decided to end things with him.  I knew I was completely healed when the guy contacting me after a number of years went by and I no longer felt hurt by the situation.  I was able to forgive and move on.

How do you practice self-care? I practice self care by first unplugging from work or anything that can be a distraction– job, technology, watching television.  I then make sure my spirit is at peace and do my daily devotions and pray.  I make sure I eat things that makes my body feel good– drink lots of water and organic tea.  Eat lots of leafy greens.  If this is a day that I’ve scheduled off or its the weekend I spend time with myself or with people that just make me feel good and normally that’s my loved ones.  My self care day consists of me either getting dressed, doing my hair–a manicure, enjoying my favorite restaurant, taking photos, or sight seeing around my city.  I make sure to do things that make me happiest inside and out.

What do success look like for you? Success for me looks like waking up in the morning doing what I love to do.  Having rich experiences through love and life with my family and friends.  Having joy throughout life’s ups and downs.  Having the means to obtain the necessities in life without having to worry about “coming up” with the funds.  Success is blooming into the woman of love, kindness, wisdom,joy, and resilience.

If you could give yourself a word of advice, what would it be? Don’t be distracted by present circumstances.  Cherish and value who you are.  Keep your focus on the right things.


Samara Taylor is A 9 to 5 Career woman working off the clock as a Virginia based Style Beauty and Hair Blogger.

Instagram: @styledchic

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