Define the word QUEEN using 3 words. Multidimensional. Black. powerful.

What do you love most about yourself? I love my humanness. As a woman, I am ever evolving and learning new things and my humanness is a constant reminder that although black women are magic, we still feel. So I can preach self love all day, but I can get bummed out sometimes about my body for example. My humanness allows me to embrace that my curves or lack of is still feminine and apart of me. How can black women be the epitome of beauty but I don’t like my black self? This thought process is our humanness. It allows us to experience life and learn from its daily lessons.

What motivates you to do your very best? Myself. I feel amazing when I know I’ve given my all into anything- its a great reflection of who you are. Also, when you see how much someone benefits from you giving your absolute best is an even better feeling.

What do you believe is your purpose in life? I feel that my purpose is to help others. Everything I do or find joy in, I end up fulfilling this purpose so I know its what I was created to do.

Tell us about a time you failed, how did you overcome it? I actually fail often. I try new things and ideas and they aren’t always successful. What I love about failure is that it teaches you what NOT to do QUICKLY. I’m not a fan of waiting and procrastination, because I hate to waste my time and believe those are qualities of fear. I am a fan of planning and getting things started. Which is why I encourage planning and jumping right into things while prepared so you can learn what works and what doesn’t. I guess you can say I overcome failure by embracing its benefits.

How do you practice self-care? Self care for me is anything I can do alone! I’ve taken drives out to the beach, sat in a corner and read, created a at home spa, and went shopping all as a source of self care. As long as I can unplug and detach myself, it’s self care for me.

What does success look like for you? Success for me is finding joy in whatever it is that you’re doing whether its your career or hobby. I think Maya Angelou said it best- “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”

If you could give your younger self a word of advice, what would it be? Be patient and trust yourself. A lot of my mistakes and unnecessary worrying came from being impatience and second guesting myself.

I am lover of natural hair (of course!), yoga, positive vibes, amazing books, food, traveling, MARVEL movies, a good handbag, and the multiple levels of the black woman! I began blogging as a channel to fulfill my purpose of helping others. So many people reached out to me about my success with my natural hair journey and level of self love I had for myself I caught onto my purpose and created Jaiologie! Jaiologie provides my personal insight and perspective on life and beauty in hope that women while find it relatable and/or inspirational. The more you love yourself, the more you grow into an enhanced you. As women we have so much power in realms many don’t understand and it’s up to us to unlock our #BlackGirlMagic and do what we do best. Love. Inspire. Empower. Glow in our blackness.

Location: Florida

Instagram: @Jaiologie


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