Preservation of The Greatest Gift

The way you treat your body determines in essence the person you will become. Your body is your temple. Sound cliché? Well, it’s true.  Our body is our greatest gift yet we treat it so badly.  On top of the environmental toxins, we tend to self pollute our bodies with things that serve us no good.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a fresh batch of french fries just like the next person but I’ve really begun to think of the effects fast food goodies have on our bodies as a whole. 

Many times we eat a delicious meal usually 2 times the serving size and then we rush home or to the nearest couch only to curl up and enjoy our fulfillment. Processed food has become less expensive and more convenient.  It is slowing down our metabolisms and killing us slowly!

I don’t want to deter anyone from enjoying the foods that they eat. No, my goal is to encourage people to get up and get moving.  Shouldn’t we all be comfortable in the skin we are in? We all have insecurities but we also have a choice. We can choose to be reactive or proactive.  After all, who wants to wake up everyday uncomfortable with themselves?  I’m not suggesting a crash diet. You can begin with a change in lifestyle. Now don’t give up before you start.  A lifestyle change doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change overnight nor does it mean you have to stop doing the things that interest you.  Start small. Greece wasn’t built in a day!  Maybe it’s something simple like making the decision to take the steps instead of the elevator or even going for the furthest parking spot in the lot instead of the one closest to the door. Change begins when you make a concerted effort to do something different.  Not challenging enough? Try incorporating 30 min of cardio a couple times a week. 

These additions could make all the difference.  The brighter side for most people is, once they realize how much their efforts are paying off they will begin to make subtle changes to what they eat.  You’ll begin to question if that chocolate bar is worth it, or if you must  have the extra whip on your frappuccino.

Taking care of our bodies isn’t just something we do for ourselves. It is also a great way to show our appreciation to God. Rick Warren said it best, “Keeping your body in shape is a spiritual discipline. It’s not just about losing a few pounds, wanting to live longer, or trying to look nicer.”  Worship is what were created for. Honor your creator as you honor yourself. Click To Tweet

I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship. Romans 12:1 (NIV)


Janea Hatcher is a preschool teacher in Atlanta, GA. Her health and fitness journey began in 2013 and she hasn’t looked back. After spending countless hours adjusting tight fitting jeans and buying oversized shirts, she knew something had to give. Losing 50lbs is evidence not only of her physical transformation, but a total transformation that the average eye could not see. Her efforts began to pour over into other areas of my life. This brought about spiritual transformation and she began to regard my body as a temple. "Focusing on obedience to God’s word leads to peace, wisdom and contentment, which have amounted in my ELEVATION!" @elevatewithjanea

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