Life can truly, honestly get the best of us — throw us curveballs, press pause on what we THOUGHT was going to happen, and derail plans like nobody’s business! Obstacles, challenges, trials and tribulations — we expect them. 

However, every now and then we tend to look like the storm that life is taking us through. But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Let me be honest…the last three months of my life have been TUMULTUOUS. Career wise, financially, personally — I’m exhausted. And I have a feeling this season is not yet over but I’m rejoicing that it’s temporary. So how am I not looking like, “Who shot John and why?”

There’s no easier or quicker way to present my worries and stress to a Way Maker than through prayer. I will literally lay prostrate on my bedroom floor and cry, journal, worship to my favorite worship song (listen to Trust In You by Anthony Brown & group therapy!), or simply have a conversation with Him — pouring out my heart and mind. If you believe in the power of prayer, you know the empowerment and energy it can provide, especially the reassurance, knowing He’s a good, good Father that has His kid’s back.

Now this can sometimes discourage me if I’m not exactly “checking boxes” or where I thought I’d be, but knowing that there ARE goals I’ve accomplished and bigger pictures I’m working towards helps! My back straightens, I clear my mind by writing daily or weekly goals, and I march on! Sometimes revisiting the “why” behind your journey is motive to press towards the mark!

How many of us emotionally eat or need comfort food every day? *raises both hands* I’ve had to discipline myself to not eat my emotions. And trust me — I know it’s harder said than done. I’ve gained 30lbs in the last 2 years and it doesn’t feel great! But knowing that I can work on eliminating one stressor (health and weight concern) by simply eating healthier, fulfilling meals settles my heart and stomach! 😉 Also, let’s give it up to WATER! Whether it’s flushing out the bad or clearing up stress acne, water is the #GOAT. I heard a quote once that suggested we should “eat until we’re content, not stuffed full”. Whether it’s contentment with our portion in life or with food, practice this balance.

#SelfCare right? LOL But honestly, having a bomb wash and go, giving myself a pedicure, or wearing a red lip to dinner can do something for the feminine woman in me! I really love a good face mask or exfoliating scrub for that optimum skin care, head to toe! When I feel I look my best on the outside, I feel better on the inside.

How can a good selfie session with some bomb lighting and maybe a Snapchat filter or two not lighten the mood!? Feeling super confident: post it!

The soundtrack to my life usually reflects the season or mood I’m in at the moment. Whether it’s We’re Blessed by Fred Hammond or Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, No Fear by Dej Loaf or Broken Clocks by SZA — change the record on the soundtrack of your life, change your perspective, change your mood.

Trust me, these tools and many others can keep us on track to reaching our goals and looking less like what we’re going through. Don’t fake the funk, change your narrative one self-care strategy at a time.

Journey Beautifully, Queen!

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