We all experience things not going the way that we planned or expected them to go. These are the moments where we find ourselves quickly stressed, disappointed and in need of a remedy. But how many of us immediately engage in healthy self-care practices when these moments occur? After my own experience of having 3 delayed, rescheduled then cancelled flights, and witnessing the emotional reactions of others around me in one of the world’s busiest airports, I jotted down a few tips that assisted me and can help you as well no matter the situation you are facing.

#1 – Breathe.

Taking a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply will lower your heart rate and relax your body and mind, and you can do it ANYWHERE! Deep breathing is something that you have to practice on a regular basis so that your body knows immediately “it’s time to relax” when you begin to do it in a stressful moment. Taking this pause also prevents you from making any rash decisions or speaking from your ‘lower self’ because you are able to consider what is happening before responding.

#2 – Envision The New.

Release your thoughts and desires about what was supposed to happen and consider all of the new options available to you. Do not stay stuck in the past! Consider every new option so you can make an informed decision in moving forward. Click To Tweet

#3 – Affirmations.

Once you have your new decision, speak your affirmations that support the new decision and encourage you to maintain a positive spirit over what is happening next in your life. One of my favorite affirmations when experiencing change is “I go with the flow, everything is working for me. All is well and will be.”


#4 – Laugh.

Laugh about whatever has just happened! Bring joy to your spirit and get your endorphins flowing! You don’t have to wait to “laugh about it a year from now” you can laugh about it now because you know everything is working out for you!

#5 – Drink water & Eat Nourishing Foods.

Support your body as it supports you. It’s easy to intake foods and drinks that aren’t as healthy when we are stressed but make sure you are balancing what you eat and drink so your brain can process properly.

#6 – Trust God & The Bigger Plan

Know that the best is happening for you. If you’ve lived life for a while, you have evidence that when things did not work out in the past, there was a reason for it that you learned later on. And most of the time, you were blessed with something better along the way. Continue to trust that everything you need and everything that is supposed to happen is unfolding in proper time. Learn the lessons and keep shining, love!

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me and others!

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