Sometimes, we are so busy trying to get other people to love and validate us that we don’t take the time to really learn to love who God created us to be. We don’t take the time to discover the love within first, hence my play on words Luv(in) Me.  

My desire is to be whole…I desire to be whole and complete right now in this very season. I don’t want to “love” myself superficially. No…I want to love the parts of me that can’t be covered up with makeup and new clothes. I want to get the root of my inconsistencies and habits and learn to love myself even through that. True, unconditional, limitless LOVE. 

Here is the thing about THAT though…this type of self love can be a very lonely and drawn out process. You will have to be actively involved in your decision to love yourself every single day. This means your love for yourself can’t waver just because you didn’t get many “likes” on your pictures, or you didn’t get that promotion you wanted, or that relationship didn’t work out with that guy. 

No…you have a decision to make my dear….you have to make the choice to find out who you are in Christ and getting to know yourself through Him so when life happens (and it happens to ALL of us), you won’t lose your mind. We must get it settled this year ladies. We must make up our minds that no matter what happens, nothing and no one is more important than God. You can only have true love for yourself through Him. He is the only one that can show you how to love yourself in a way that’s not toxic or vain. Through God, you will make better choices and decisions for yourself and your life because you know that you are worthy. 

Worthiness isn’t based on your relationship status, career, popularity, etc. Do you know that you are worthy to your core?! There are things that God placed within you that can’t be bought or duplicated. You are truly unique. Don’t despise the way you walk and talk. Don’t hate your hair or your body, and don’t you dare compare. It is really important that you get to know you. Spend time getting to know you so you can know how to love you. 

How can you love what you don’t know? A mother knows her child, a friend knows her friend, a sister knows her brother because they put in the time with one another. 

Do you know yourself? Do you know who you REALLY are? Listen…true freedom in loving yourself is in loving the parts of you that even needs improvement. How do you do this? By spending time with God. Talk to Him. You have insecurities and fears? Tell Him. Don’t overthink it! Just talk. Search some scriptures that are directly linked to confidence and repeat them throughout the day.  

You want to be able to say with an honest heart ” I found luv in me…so I’m finally luv(in) me!” 

You are an important factor. You are dope. You are an inspiration. You are loved. 

C’mon….let’s grow together! 

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