You feel as if you’ve just grazed the surface, lusting to see and learn more, you were just beginning to peel back the layers of the country. A beautiful flaming fire has been ignited and nothing but experience can quench the thirst.

A thirst for adventure, shared knowledge and true understanding. It aches to leave because I don’t know if I’ll ever see Vietnam again. The glorious mixture of this red and gold country will forever be etched into my mind as an experience to last a lifetime. Hopefully one day we meet again.

I spent two weeks in Vietnam traveling from the North to the South. The memories of my adventure will last me a lifetime. Along the way I climbed mountains, explored secluded beaches, camped on the beach, hitch hiked scooter rides, practiced my BMX ATV riding skills on sand dunes, and ate jerk chicken at a beach bar called Little Kingston owned by some crazy ass Germans that became my bredren.

I even had a trip to the emergency room where I received spectacular care, learned how to ride a scooter, visited war museums and celebrated Tete and met some amazing people that have become lifelong friends.













We cried as we went through the Vietnam Military History War Museum.

Then downed our sorrows singing Backstreet Boys and drinking rum buckets on the street.

Vietnam was an incomplete experience, it’s the one country that I need to go back to and see more of because there are so many layers to the people and culture.

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