Do you love yourself? Like, really love yourself?  To be honest that’s a question I struggled to answer for a long time.  I don’t think anyone really sits around wondering if they love themselves or not, you kinda just know.  So how do you know?  I’d say it’s in the way that you treat yourself.  Yeah, you may buy yourself something nice to wear or something good to eat every now and again but how do you REALLY treat yourself?

Self love requires that you treat yourself like your very best friend. It should mirror the way you would treat your absolute favorite person in the world.  Self love isn’t about being arrogant or conceded.  It’s about knowing your worth, knowing your value and understanding that you will never be able to receive love from anyone else, not even God, until learn to love yourself. The greatest command our Heavenly Father gives to us is to love others as ourselves.

Take a moment to asses the way in which you love the people around you. Is it a genuine love or that, “you know I love you girl” kinda love?  You know the one that’s only demonstrated in words and not in actions?  Your ability to love others is a reflection on the love you have for yourself.

However, it all begins with you. Spend some time getting to know YOU. Go beyond the superficial and materialistic things that we can often identify as love for ourselves #EyebrowsOnFleek #SelfieGameTight. 

Take a look inside. Search your inner being and begin professing that real love, “dark skinned Aunt Viv love” Click To Tweet …thanks J. Cole. I know it’s not an easy thing to do, and if your anything like me it’s something you may even feel uncomfortable doing. Begin by finding the beauty within, criticism never changes a thing.  Accept yourself as you are. Respect and cherish the miracle that is you.  Look at yourself first thing in the morning and declare positive affirmations. Think on things that are up lifting.  Whether you claim to already love yourself or not, give yourself a gentle reminder of your beauty and power.  Remember you are truly someone FABULOUS!

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