“Recognize when you’re choosing to be sad and intentionally do things that present choices for happiness.”


Balancing my life is a priority and I deserve to be happy, by choice.

I’m proud of my growth towards being a present individual. It has been SO hard and everyday presents its own challenging nouns (people, places, and things/situations). Honestly, I have had to intentionally push away distractions and intrusive thoughts to thoroughly experience my life. So, when that same sentiment isn’t reciprocated or shared, sometimes I feel offended (of which is also a choice). Now, life is meant to be enjoyed with others. Community is an essential part of growth and progression, especially as a millennial experiencing the constant pop-up alerts of lows society interjects amidst the highs. With that, I’m relearning that sometimes I have to dance alone; remaining present to accept the journey for what it is in that moment FOR ME.

People will always offend you. We are a people of sinful and selfish nature. So more than often our expectations of others must be explicitly described or they’ll never know that our quiet withdrawal is in response to them leaving our expectations solo on the dance floor. And what happens when that close friend, significant other, or even family member offends you?

How about intentionally releasing those expectations when necessary? I’m a pretty laid-back, simple girl who doesn’t ask for much more than reciprocity and attention from those that matter. And in the moments when those are in deficit from others, I must provide them to myself.


I’ve had to tell myself to intentionally take in every moment of an experience. Whether it be the smell of waves when walking down the beach, the tastes of  mimosas with brunch, the sound of the laughter among my sister-friends, or feeling the bass of Calvin Harris DJ-ing through the club to my chest.

“Experience life and carefree relaxation, even if it has to be alone.” Dance alone. Click To Tweet


Taking those intentional 1-2 steps towards and onto the dance floor of life’s experiences will definitely change what you, and I, see that very moment. We cannot be hindered by the reliance on others to dance with us, to validate our own experiences.

But, do you ever notice those individuals dancing alone? They’re either enjoying the experience more than others or they’re attracting like-minded individuals.

I hope you dance, no matter what.

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