Never underestimate the power of friendship.  

Going through any type of unknown journey can be both frustrating and scary. It can literally make or break you. One of my favorite passages, The Allegory of the Cave, lets us know that the fear of the unknown can both cripple us and make us want to return to our comfort zone. Fear of the unknown can also make us reject different concepts, methods, and lifestyles. But, how can you truly experience new things by staying in the same dormant place? Click To Tweet

With any journey, having someone to experience and discuss your journey alongside you makes things so much easier. It feels good to exchange words of encouragement, support, and motivation to someone who is like-minded and on a similar journey. Your natural hair journey is no different. This is where a curlfriend comes in! 


There are MANY benefits to having a curlfriend, but I’ll name my top three.

Similarity: It’s something about having similar interests in common with someone else. The conversations are endless and you never run out of things to talk about. I know personally, I always get in trouble at work for discussing hair with my coworkers- whether I’m discussing the latest hair trend, a new tutorial I watched, or a new product I’m trying. Your curlfriend is around to attend natural hair events, meetups, and they are always down for a Beauty Supply Store run. 

Inspiration: There are endless ways to style your natural hair. But, let’s be honest, even after watching that YouTube video for the third time and too many failed attempts, you’re more than likely frustrated and “over it.” But, maybe your curlfriend knows the proper methods to execute the style to your liking. Curlfriends also hip you to the new trends, do your hair, and motivate you when you feel like quitting. Curlfriends push you out your comfort zone, help you try new things, and keep you out of the cave (AOTC- Plato). 

Support: Not everyone supports the natural hair movement. People’s thoughts and opinions can be discouraging especially to new naturals or those transitioning. But, having a like-minded individual on your team makes things so much easier. Above all, a curlfriends supports your journey whole-heartedly. They provide honest feedback on methods, products, etc., even if you don’t want to hear it. (Honestly, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you what you’re doing wrong or what you can improve on based on their own experiences, research, etc.)

Overall, curlfriends are important during your natural hair journey. You’ll begin to realize that overtime your similarities will expand further than natural hair. My curlfriends have become life friends. Our interests have far surpassed our mutual love for hair. They motivate me, encourage me, and compliment my efforts. They make my journey worthwhile and further my realization that my natural hair is here to stay. 

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