The Black Silence

As an inner city police officer I get to see my share of “crazy” people. Although I am not a mental health professional, an important aspect of my job is dealing with those who suffer from mental illness. So much so that I knew it was best to become trained in Crisis Intervention and a […]

Mind Control

While on your healing journey, you will find that as you level up and away from old narratives, people, places, etc. you may still act out the old. When you do the work and begin to lighten your load, there is a tendency to still feel the weight of the load you have just unburdened. […]

On Not Looking Like What You’re Going Through

Life can truly, honestly get the best of us — throw us curveballs, press pause on what we THOUGHT was going to happen, and derail plans like nobody’s business! Obstacles, challenges, trials and tribulations — we expect them.  However, every now and then we tend to look like the storm that life is taking us […]

Choose To SMILE

I heard somewhere that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. I really don’t know if that information is accurate, but it’s one of those things that makes you feel good regardless. Today, I was hit with news that literally blew me. My first instinct was to frown and maybe even […]

Preservation of The Greatest Gift

The way you treat your body determines in essence the person you will become. Your body is your temple. Sound cliché? Well, it’s true.  Our body is our greatest gift yet we treat it so badly.  On top of the environmental toxins, we tend to self pollute our bodies with things that serve us no […]