Falling For Vietnam

You feel as if you’ve just grazed the surface, lusting to see and learn more, you were just beginning to peel back the layers of the country. A beautiful flaming fire has been ignited and nothing but experience can quench the thirst. A thirst for adventure, shared knowledge and true understanding. It aches to leave […]

Out of Shape & Trekking

When trekking through a rain forest and jungle you have a lot of time to reflect about your life. Throughout the trek in the Doi Inthanon national park to the tallest mountain in Thailand, I realized how out of shape I am! Dripping with sweat in the freezing cold, thighs aching from the climb, breathing [...]

30-Day Affair

As I strolled along a secluded beach I realized that today marks one month that I’ve been traveling through Asia. It’s ironic how quickly a month passes by and how much it changes you. It seems like a lifetime ago I said goodbye to my loved ones and hopped on a plane to India. A [...]

Emergency Room Abroad

Turns of I have pneumonia. A quick trip to the emergency room in De Nang, Vietnam and the doctor diagnosed me. I guess those freezing cold days and nights in Chiang Mai, Lau Prabang and Hanoi finally caught up to me. A cold I had for about a week turned into a cough and after […]