#RelationshipGoals Pt. 2

#BecauseMarriedToMedicine I’ve come to learn that for many physician spouses the decision to stay at home was typically because their partners training made it difficult with so many moves.  Most couples move at least 3x on the medical journey, if they’re together from the start. (Med School, Residency, Real Job.) Usually all are different places. […]

#RelationshipGoals Pt.1

We’ve all been guilty probably of surfing the internet, or scrolling through Instagram and seeing a couple who is seemingly doing well in life – a beautiful picture of the couple all smiles, with a sentimental caption that has made us go: OMG #RELATIONSHIPGOALS! I am not 100% sure who started this whole #GOALS trend […]


Never underestimate the power of friendship.   Going through any type of unknown journey can be both frustrating and scary. It can literally make or break you. One of my favorite passages, The Allegory of the Cave, lets us know that the fear of the unknown can both cripple us and make us want to […]

Dancing Alone

“Recognize when you’re choosing to be sad and intentionally do things that present choices for happiness.”   Balancing my life is a priority and I deserve to be happy, by choice. I’m proud of my growth towards being a present individual. It has been SO hard and everyday presents its own challenging nouns (people, places, […]

Letting Go + Making Space

I have a hard time letting go of things…and people. My mom tells me I have a slight hoarding problem. It’s like I see the potential in something and optimistically believe that one day I’ll need it…or that they’ll need me. So I cling to the memories, the potential, the expectations…the picture I paint in […]

Do You Love You?

Do you love yourself? Like, really love yourself?  To be honest that’s a question I struggled to answer for a long time.  I don’t think anyone really sits around wondering if they love themselves or not, you kinda just know.  So how do you know?  I’d say it’s in the way that you treat yourself.  [...]

The Quandary of an Answered Prayer

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of being prepared for what I claim to want.  Because I believe one of the most tragic things that can happen in a person’s life is praying and hoping for something, receiving it, and not being ready for it. It’s honestly one of my biggest fears, […]

Unapologetic [POETRY]

Women have been so boxed in with being honest with men with the fear of losing them We try so hard to be Ms. Perfect in every aspect of our lives to try to prove to them that were the one To be this positive patty 24/7 just to make us seem like such a […]

Luv(in) Me

Sometimes, we are so busy trying to get other people to love and validate us that we don’t take the time to really learn to love who God created us to be. We don’t take the time to discover the love within first, hence my play on words Luv(in) Me.   My desire is to […]