on Beyonce and Black Women.

In 2016 everything went wrong. Correction, nearly everything went wrong. Everyone died, the United States elected an orange as President (a death of sorts), and then more people died. It was literally the worst of times. However, amid that horror came the domination of Black femininity in music. The movement, spearheaded by Rihanna’s ANTi, gave insight into the complexities […]

Forgiveness – Part 1

Webster categorizes forgiveness as a noun. I beg to differ. In my eyes, forgiveness is a verb. It requires action, not just words. But, let’s be honest, forgiveness is tough. Like really tough. Many people, myself included, will say that they forgive you but deep down inside, they are still harboring unresolved and ill feelings. […]

Am I Enough?

Absolutely! It’s hard to believe that with what we are bombarded by in society and media. Our society sends mixed signals so much so, that we place our value in how well we can keep up with the latest trend. We begin defining our self worth by what we have and don’t have. Prime example, […]

The Power of “NO.”

If you’d ask me to describe my 21-year-old self, I’d include “yes woman”. Whether a request from work, a new task at church, or a favor for family and friends, my answer was always “yes”. For me, feeling needed or specially requested was fulfilling — I found validation and affirmation in providing myself and my […]

Not As Planned!

We all experience things not going the way that we planned or expected them to go. These are the moments where we find ourselves quickly stressed, disappointed and in need of a remedy. But how many of us immediately engage in healthy self-care practices when these moments occur? After my own experience of having 3 […]

The Hump

One day last week I was feeling... everything. So I decided to take a cleansing bath. I infused the bathwater with Florida Water, pink salt, baking soda, lavender, frankincense essential oil, and rose geranium essential oil. I lit some candles and an incense, put Badu on shuffle, and set intentions for the bath before lowering [...]

Pursuing Holiness & Wholeness: Embracing My Testimony

Some time ago I wrote a piece on celibacy, and I talked about how I put myself on a pedestal for being able to check off on a list of things that I believed made me an ideal Christian woman. I had this idealized vision of who I was, and who I was supposed to […]

Hurt People.

Hurt people hurt people. Period.   There’s no way around it. We all deal with insecurities and things in our past that we wish we could erase. Until we COMPLETELY deal with those “hidden things and feelings” and fully heal, we remain hurt and broken.  Some people are visual learners, so I’ll explain it like […]


“Everything is new. Foreign, but familiar. I no longer have a basis of which to perceive things. I’m building from scratch. The only old truth I can lean on, is that I’ll be okay. I am always okay.” (journal entry, 3/28/17 1:35 am) I’ve been wanting to put these thoughts into blog form for weeks […]

Woman In The Mirror [POETRY]

Lately I’ve been spending some quality time Slow walks And quiet dinners with a soothing light jazz Time to go on and on about lovers from the past Promises to the future And trying to find joy in the right now I never knew how much enjoyment I got out of being alone I never […]