Why Love Won’t Find You

Love, most of us want it, some of us are over it, yet a few of us will ever get to truly experience it. We often ask ourselves the continuous and sometimes painful question of “Why hasn’t love found me?” Someone reading this may have asked themselves that very question when they clicked on this […]

Why I’ve Never Been Faithful Pt. 2

Dating for me was always on to the next one. If it didn’t work with one I wouldn’t allow myself to feel feelings of being hurt. I bottled them in and just moved on. With everyone I dated it was a case by case basis of becoming everything you say you like in those, “What do you like most […]

Why I’ve Never Been Faithful Pt. 1

Now I know y'all are reading the title like, no she didn’t, but before you cast your wicked comments with your, "these hoes ain't loyal” foolishness, let me state my case! In high school, I was such an advocate for relationships and staying faithful but unfortunately  couldn't keep a man of my own. I was either [...]