PODCAST: The Femme Focus ‘End of Year WRAP UP’

Hi Femmes! It’s the last day of 2017 and I wanted to upload a final podcast episode for this year. In this episode I wrap up my successes and shortcomings during this year when it comes to professional and personal matters. I also give a little insight to what I’m aiming for in 2018 and […]

Why Love Won’t Find You

Love, most of us want it, some of us are over it, yet a few of us will ever get to truly experience it. We often ask ourselves the continuous and sometimes painful question of “Why hasn’t love found me?” Someone reading this may have asked themselves that very question when they clicked on this […]

The Black Silence

As an inner city police officer I get to see my share of “crazy” people. Although I am not a mental health professional, an important aspect of my job is dealing with those who suffer from mental illness. So much so that I knew it was best to become trained in Crisis Intervention and a […]

Queen, Jai!

Define the word QUEEN using 3 words. Multidimensional. Black. powerful. What do you love most about yourself? I love my humanness. As a woman, I am ever evolving and learning new things and my humanness is a constant reminder that although black women are magic, we still feel. So I can preach self love all day, but I can get bummed out sometimes about my body for example. My humanness allows […]

Queen, Ondia!

Define the word QUEEN using 3 words. Inquisitive. Determined. Magnanimous What do you love most about yourself? I love how I evolve every day and more importantly I allow myself the room to grow and change. What motivates you to do your very best? I’m a Virgo, so my analytical and perfectionist nature makes me strive to top […]

on Beyonce and Black Women.

In 2016 everything went wrong. Correction, nearly everything went wrong. Everyone died, the United States elected an orange as President (a death of sorts), and then more people died. It was literally the worst of times. However, amid that horror came the domination of Black femininity in music. The movement, spearheaded by Rihanna’s ANTi, gave insight into the complexities […]

Mind Control

While on your healing journey, you will find that as you level up and away from old narratives, people, places, etc. you may still act out the old. When you do the work and begin to lighten your load, there is a tendency to still feel the weight of the load you have just unburdened. […]

#RelationshipGoals Pt. 2

#BecauseMarriedToMedicine I’ve come to learn that for many physician spouses the decision to stay at home was typically because their partners training made it difficult with so many moves.  Most couples move at least 3x on the medical journey, if they’re together from the start. (Med School, Residency, Real Job.) Usually all are different places. […]

#RelationshipGoals Pt.1

We’ve all been guilty probably of surfing the internet, or scrolling through Instagram and seeing a couple who is seemingly doing well in life – a beautiful picture of the couple all smiles, with a sentimental caption that has made us go: OMG #RELATIONSHIPGOALS! I am not 100% sure who started this whole #GOALS trend […]

On Not Looking Like What You’re Going Through

Life can truly, honestly get the best of us — throw us curveballs, press pause on what we THOUGHT was going to happen, and derail plans like nobody’s business! Obstacles, challenges, trials and tribulations — we expect them.  However, every now and then we tend to look like the storm that life is taking us […]