On Not Looking Like What You’re Going Through

Life can truly, honestly get the best of us — throw us curveballs, press pause on what we THOUGHT was going to happen, and derail plans like nobody’s business! Obstacles, challenges, trials and tribulations — we expect them.  However, every now and then we tend to look like the storm that life is taking us […]

Dancing Alone

“Recognize when you’re choosing to be sad and intentionally do things that present choices for happiness.”   Balancing my life is a priority and I deserve to be happy, by choice. I’m proud of my growth towards being a present individual. It has been SO hard and everyday presents its own challenging nouns (people, places, […]

The Power of “NO.”

If you’d ask me to describe my 21-year-old self, I’d include “yes woman”. Whether a request from work, a new task at church, or a favor for family and friends, my answer was always “yes”. For me, feeling needed or specially requested was fulfilling — I found validation and affirmation in providing myself and my […]

Letting Go + Making Space

I have a hard time letting go of things…and people. My mom tells me I have a slight hoarding problem. It’s like I see the potential in something and optimistically believe that one day I’ll need it…or that they’ll need me. So I cling to the memories, the potential, the expectations…the picture I paint in […]