Am I Enough?

Absolutely! It’s hard to believe that with what we are bombarded by in society and media. Our society sends mixed signals so much so, that we place our value in how well we can keep up with the latest trend. We begin defining our self worth by what we have and don’t have. Prime example, […]

Tic-Toc The Clock Won’t Stop

I asked a colleague of mine the other day how she was doing and she responded, “You know Janea, there just isn’t enough time in the day.” I laughed in agreement at first but then the thought sat with me a bit. I mean I did agree with her…right? There isn’t enough time to accomplish […]

Do You Love You?

Do you love yourself? Like, really love yourself?  To be honest that’s a question I struggled to answer for a long time.  I don’t think anyone really sits around wondering if they love themselves or not, you kinda just know.  So how do you know?  I’d say it’s in the way that you treat yourself.  [...]

Preservation of The Greatest Gift

The way you treat your body determines in essence the person you will become. Your body is your temple. Sound cliché? Well, it’s true.  Our body is our greatest gift yet we treat it so badly.  On top of the environmental toxins, we tend to self pollute our bodies with things that serve us no […]