Why I’ve Never Been Faithful Pt. 2

Dating for me was always on to the next one. If it didn’t work with one I wouldn’t allow myself to feel feelings of being hurt. I bottled them in and just moved on. With everyone I dated it was a case by case basis of becoming everything you say you like in those, “What do you like most […]

Unapologetic [POETRY]

Women have been so boxed in with being honest with men with the fear of losing them We try so hard to be Ms. Perfect in every aspect of our lives to try to prove to them that were the one To be this positive patty 24/7 just to make us seem like such a […]

Woman In The Mirror [POETRY]

Lately I’ve been spending some quality time Slow walks And quiet dinners with a soothing light jazz Time to go on and on about lovers from the past Promises to the future And trying to find joy in the right now I never knew how much enjoyment I got out of being alone I never […]

Why I’ve Never Been Faithful Pt. 1

Now I know y'all are reading the title like, no she didn’t, but before you cast your wicked comments with your, "these hoes ain't loyal” foolishness, let me state my case! In high school, I was such an advocate for relationships and staying faithful but unfortunately  couldn't keep a man of my own. I was either [...]