Absolutely! It’s hard to believe that with what we are bombarded by in society and media. Our society sends mixed signals so much so, that we place our value in how well we can keep up with the latest trend. We begin defining our self worth by what we have and don’t have. Prime example, I’ve been struggling with adult acne almost to the point of obsession. I’d stalk the internet for the latest healthy skin regime and follow up with an IG prowl of all those who had what I was lacking, clear and beautiful skin.

I was so focused on what I didn’t have I started to believe my skin defined me. It affected my confidence and caused even more stress which added to the problem. I began to ask myself,  “How can I compare with the girl who has it all?”  Maybe her all isn’t my all. Could it be possible that we are all tuned differently? Why should we base our worth on a scale designed for another? What is meant for one person may not be meant for you. I’m not saying that I’m not meant to have clear skin. I’m saying my skin doesn’t determine my value.

I also struggle sometimes with others who have achieved certain things I desire.  I repeatedly made the mistake of placing value on my performance? If I do this then I should have that. That isn’t the way it works out sometimes. Value is not based on what you do, who you know or what you possess. Those things are superficial. Rather than allowing others to decide my worth and my path, I am learning to accept myself without altering whom I am. There is no longer a need for me to continuously prove myself. I’m done with living my life in proving mode; pretending to have it all together.

Inside I was wishing for what the next person has. Sometimes it was material things, vanity or accomplishments. Today I know that there will never be another ME. Everything about me makes me valuable because no matter how hard anyone else tries they could never be me even on my worst day. That’s comforting. I’ve found the more I celebrate others and find joy in my uniqueness, the happier I am. Click To Tweet

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